It all started with the dream of a pale bride to be. Eva wanted to be nice tanned before the wedding day. To look healthy and sunkissed would be the perfect contrast to the white wedding dress!

Its year 2003 and the young Swedish entrepreneur Eva Ulin was planning her wedding. Before the big day Eva wanted her natural pale skin would get a healthy sunkissed glow as a contrast to her white wedding dress.

–I tried every self tanning product at the market. And I became yellow, orange, get striped and spotted and smell horrible. Finally I bought a punch ticket to the local solarium. And of cours I get burned!  I also felt unhealthy and was assosiated with side effects.

On the honeymoon, one morning outside the bungalow the idea of TanCan was born.

– I wanted a healthy alternative, without unhealthy additives and an easy application. The ideá of a aerosol self tanning spray was borned. It would be amazing if you could spray yourself sunkissed. Smooth and easy!

Eva presented her idea to various manufacturers and laboratories - and got one hit. Togheter with a Swedish local laboratorie the first Swedish self tan spray for home use was launched. A manufacturer filled a few test bottles, for Eva to try out, products that Eva distributed among friends and colleagues. The spontaneous reaction was what still makes TanCan so special: '"oh what a nice color!" "it looks real!"

Today sixteen years has passed since the first launch. Beside this concept Eva Ulin has changed.

– When I created TanCan I was 26 years old and wanted to have a nice tan. Today I am older and really want to take a bigger responsibility. I am worried for all the young people using solarium or sunbathing without sunscreen to get a dark tan. TanCan is a healty alternative to sun and solarium and I hope more people will discover this!

Eva Ulin,  CEO and founder of TanCan.