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TANCAN WASH OFF is a colored mousse without DHA which gives a direct sun kissed skin tone but which is washed away in the end of the day easily with soap and water. The lightweight mousse is easy to apply and instantly gives a nice color. If you want a deeper color, several layers can be applied. The mousse quickly penetrates the skin and does not stain on the clothes when it has dried. Perfect when you quickly want a beautiful and sun-kissed skin tone, but which you can also easily wash off. 

Enriched with Aloe Vera which provides moisturizing in depth and Vitamin E which protects the skin from free radicals. For extra shine finish off by applying TANCAN GLOW GEL. Use the TanCan MITT and work in a little mousse at a time. More layers can be applied if a deeper color is desired. Can be used daily all over the body. Easily removed with soap and water. 

200 ml